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Swiss Patek Philippe Replica Watches has always put great emphasis on the development of new mechanisms, technologies and manufacturing processes in the search for new materials and the quest for new ideas and visions in

Therefore, swiss patek philippe replica has established a special division that focuses exclusively on new technologies and materials.

This division, called 'Nouvelle Technologie" (New Technology) closely cooperates with external research institutions, development laboratories, and training institutes.

Just like its other innovations, Patek Philippe is using the new silicon technology with the aim of crafting better, more precise and more reliable fake Patek Philippe watches UK.

Over the last 2 years, Patek Philippe has presented two revolutionary developments within the new 'Patek Philippe Advanced Research' concept:

Www.Linkreplicawatches.Com escape wheel for a Swiss lever escapement, that is lightweight, hard, anti-magnetic, highly corrosion-resistant, true to shape than any steel wheel, and above all, its locking tooth faces never need to be lubricated.

The limited special version of the Annual Calendar Ref. 5250 presented in 2005 was the first Patek Philippe watch with silicon-based technology.

Www.Linkreplicawatches.Com balance spring made of a silicon-based material, a patented invention that improves the isochronism of mechanical watches. A second limited edition of the Annual Calendar Ref. 5350 has been presented in 2006, this time with the Spiromax® balance spring in

To fully satisfy the public demands and cater to the fashion trend, new rose gold Patek Philippe Aquanaut swiss patek philippe replica watches are launched, which can make people completely enjoy the elegant appearances.

Similar to the previous stainless steel watches, the Replica Watches with brown dials are matched with rubber straps, so they are very perfect sporty watches.

Because of the screw-in crowns, the waterproofness can be 120 meters. To people's surprise, the surface structure of the embossed dials are made of high-tech composite material, so it is extremely soft and comfortable, and it can show very unique visual effect.

Although designed with 40.8mm in diameter, the swiss patek philippe replica watches with screw-down crows offer very appropriate weight so as to make people feel pleasant wearing.

Uniquely, the watches are set with two hour hands, but the hour hand of the second time zone is perfectly hidden below. However, the dual time zone function can be easily operated with two button on the left side of the cases, therefore, the home time and local time can be easily indicated with the hidden and main hour hands.

Meanwhile, the dials are particularly designed with two apertures to help to show the day/night display of the local and home time.

Thanks to the practical function, fake watches with self-winding movements can be of great convenient when wearer go abroad. The lower part is shown with a small date dial that is combined with Arabic numerals and rose gold hand.

Installed with Caliber 324 S C FUS, the functional swiss patek philippe replica watches can maintain excellent stability with 45 hours' power reserve.