10 tips for a happy marriage every couple must know

Happy marriage

Here are some marriage tips for every couple:

1. The courting and dating must never stop. Don’t take your partner for granted.

2. Live fully. Just as you protect this person remember to protect yourself. Love yourself fully and openly.

3. Keep falling in love with your partner. Do it as many times as possible. You are not the same people as before and change would always come but in that, you need to keep choosing your partner.

4. Always see the best in your partner. There are always the flaws but if you keep being fixated on those, you would forget why this person means so much to you.

5. It’s nobody’s job to fix anybody. Love what this person has become with you, whether it is what you wanted or not.

6. Be accountable for how you feel emotionally. It is nobody’s job to make anybody happy. Find your happiness and emit your joy to those around you.

7. Be playful. Don’t take life so damn seriously all the time. Laughter is a good spice for all the bad things that might be happening.

8. Be available to each other. Be present. Don’t get too carried away by your jobs that you forget the recipients of your love. Give your time, your focus, your attention, your soul.

9. Don’t forget to have mind-blowing s3x.

10. Don’t be stupid…and don’t be scared to be seen as one, too. You would make mistakes and so would this person. You’re not supposed to be perfect, just try not to be too idiotic.



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