23-year-old model sells virginity for €2.3 million


A 23-year-old model is set to become a millionaire after auctioning her virginity for €2.3 million.

According to reports, Mammadzada said she was taking part in the bizarre sale “to make her mum proud”.

She added she wants to use the money raised from the sale to travel the world with her mum.

Mahbuba also has a certified medical note confirming her virginity.

Under her profile name “Maria”, she says she also is looking for a sugar daddy to provide her with a monthly allowance of around €30,000.

On Thursday, site Cinderella Escorts said the auction was closed, but confirmed the second highest bidder was a London-based lawyer.

The third highest is reported to be a footballer from Munich, Germany.

As part of the deal, Cinderella Escorts would take up to 20% of the bid.

The winning bidder — who must put down 10% of the money upfront to prove they’re serious — has to book a hotel room for the pair.


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