Kendall Jenner is back to her catwalk: showcase at Milan Fashion Week



She walked a handful of shows at New York Fashion Week earlier in the month but was noticeably absent from the London run this week despite having paid a visit to the UK capital in the throes of Fashion Week.

But Kendall Jenner was back doing what she does best on Thursday as she made a stomping return to the catwalk on the second day of Milan Fashion Week.

The Victoria’s Secret model was the stand-out star of the Fendi show as she strutted her stuff down the runway in a pair of bright blue ruched leather thigh-high boots which only served to accentuate just how slim her limbs are.

Kendall, 20, had the audience in awe as she stomped down the length of the catwalk in a colourful ensemble – the centre-piece being a pair of bright blue boots which were rendered in ruched leather and reached high on her thighs.

The skin-tight statement footwear clung tightly to her lithe legs as she strutted her stuff down the length of the runway confidently, being careful not to lose her footing.

Creative director Karl Lagerfeld – who is also at the helm of French fashion house Chanel – styled the boots with a kooky coat-and-dress combo which provided the perfect complement.

Kendall modelled a navy coat which was A-line in design and had a green and blue fur stole attached to the collar while she wore an intricately-designed sheer dress beneath it but it was barely visible.

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