38 Beautiful Contestant of Miss Ambassador For Peace Beauty Pageant

The finalists of the Miss Ambassador For Peace beauty pageant have been unveiled.
The 38 ladies, from different states in Nigeria, will undergo A 10 days of intensive Camp Training before the grand finale.
The 5th edition of Miss Ambassador For Peace beauty pageant is set to hold this September 24, 2016, at The Sheraton Hotels and Towers, Abuja, Time: 5:00 pm.
Tickets are now on sale and also available at the venue
Table – #500,000 Vip- #10,000
Regular- #5,000
Miss Ambassador1 Miss Ambassador2 Miss Ambassador3 Miss Ambassador4 Miss Ambassador5 Miss Ambassador6 Miss Ambassador7 Miss Ambassador8 Miss Ambassador9 Miss Ambassador10 Miss Ambassador11 Miss Ambassador12 Miss Ambassador13 Miss Ambassador14 Miss Ambassador15 Miss Ambassador16 Miss Ambassador17 Miss Ambassador18 Miss Ambassador19 Miss Ambassador20 Miss Ambassador21 Miss Ambassador22 Miss Ambassador23 Miss Ambassador24 Miss Ambassador25 Miss Ambassador26 Miss Ambassador27 Miss Ambassador28 Miss Ambassador29 Miss Ambassador30 Miss Ambassador31 Miss Ambassador32 Miss Ambassador33 Miss Ambassador34 Miss Ambassador35 Miss Ambassador36 Miss Ambassador37 Miss Ambassador38