4 social media tips for your fashion buisness


With so many brands popping up and events/ fashion shows frequently organised, the fashion business is eventually becoming huge in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

Like it is with other businesses, there is a need to build and promote your brand with social media, especially Instagram which has since proven to be a great platform and a useful tool. A visual social platform that allows memes, gifs and lifestyle-focused posts, Instagram is where fashion industry pros live, collaborate and grow relationships.

Not every fashion business however knows how best to utilize the platform to grow their business. Fortunately, Shakara Square has a few strategies and tactics that could help.

  1. Follow your competitor’s followers.
    Competition is a huge part of every business. There are so many players in the fashion business on Instagram and to stay relevant you need to be sharp. Aside from checking out the followers of your competition, click through to their profiles, see if they seem like a desirable follower for your brand and start engaging — follow, or comment, or like a few of their photos. It can be a great way to build your following and create awareness for your business.

2. Know when best to post your messages.
The thing about social media is that you will have different     peak times during the day based on the kind of following       you have. These peak times are periods when your post       will get the most views as your followers are most active       at that time. Keep in mind the posting times that appear       to work best for your audience, that way you won’t waste     time and data on posts that won’t reach your audience         and also you ensure you get your messages across to           them quicker.

3. Use Notifications for important contacts.
Not a lot of users regard the “turn on notifications!” posts     on Instagram. However, as a budding fashion brand, it is       important that you adapt it and turn on the notification for     at least a select few/top people including top competitors,     favorite editors or bloggers or pod – casters, top                   complementary brands e.t.c. You get notified when they       post a picture, get liked or receive a comment. This can       help you with your customer research and allows you to       know when best to include your own comments in the bid     to foster a relationship.

4. Utilize the hashtags!


Hashtags are fun and can make a post look trendy; but far from that, it has stronger functions that can benefit any fashion startup. Hashtags allow you to associate your Instagram posts with a category, an event, or a point of view, ensuring your posts are easily identified and viewed by new customers, editors and other media, collaborators and retailers. To stay on top of your hashtag game though, you will need to constantly search for hashtags being used by your competitors, potential collaborators, complementary brands and people who have already bought from you on Instagram; that way you are in the loop.

Thank me later. XoxO.

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