Should i let him go?


Please, I need the advice . I have been married for almost 3 years now. My husband was doing very well before he married me, although he is a divorcee. All of a sudden, things started going from bad to worse for him, his chemical business crumbled, his restaurant folded up. Now, I am the one shouldering the responsibilities at home from my meager salary of 40K.
Recently, he said he wants us to relocate to Abuja to see if things would be better there. He said he’ll go first to put things in order while I’ll join him later. Although, I don’t buy the idea, he has been calming me down, pleading with me to see reasons with him. We don’t have a child yet. I am in my 30’s, while he is in his late 40’s. Please give me your sincere opinions on this. Thank you.’’