6 signs that your woman is cheating


They (I don’t know who they are) normally say, when a man cheats, it is just for fun and it is never serious. He can easily go back to his relationship.

On the flip-side, when a woman cheats, she has gotten to that point where it is something to do with lack of emotional contact with her partner.

She is going to cheat and it is because he is giving her something you are not. Chances are also, she will easily let go of your relationship because this other one fulfils her.

1.She starts seeing you less and would rather go out more

Sounds like a cliché Drake line but it’s true. When she would rather be out rather than be with you when you are trying to make effort to spend time with her, she is moving on. It might not actually be happening but she is in the preparation stages of letting you go.

2.She does not care if you want to know about her day/ life or care to share yours

When a woman is getting to know a man, she is excited. She wants to talk about her, talk about him and when he talks, it is like he is sharing some serious wisdom she has been missing out on all her life.

When she no longer cares, if you don’t ask, it no longer bothers her.

When you stop being her ear, there is another man interested in being just that.

He is giving her the emotional connection you refused her. For women, cheating is not going to be physical, but it starts with the mental stimulation.

3.She no longer wants to have sex with you- at all

She might not be even having sex with the other man. Thing is when another man is mentally and emotionally stimulating your girlfriend; he will get her faster to the physical than you will.

This is when she just lies there and does not care if you get mad. Just get it over with.

She no longer even wants to try and please you in the bedroom. She just becomes boring. Her heart already moved on, it is her feet that are taking too long!

4.Her phone becomes a no go zone

Serious women who want something serious will not have shady dealings, so she will not care if you go through her phone because there is nothing there.

On the flipside, universal rule is that when your partner, male or female starts to be cautious about their phone, there is something there.

5.She does not care about your whereabouts

Now the curious boyfriend will know something is wrong. Some will try to pull a stunt, like not texting or calling at all or just disappear for like the whole weekend.

He comes home expecting her to be all types of crazy and mad but she is just there! She no longer cares.

6.Her appearance is taking shape for the better

You two are not in a good place for a while now, she is showing signs of lack of care on your part and is more interested without more than in.

Is looking better than even when you two were dating. Hmmmmm……maybe she is doing it for herself, maybe she is trying to revive the relationship or maybe….