8 of the worst celeb wardrobe malfunctions ever


Hollywood celebs enjoy adding a bit of brazenness to their wardrobe choices every now and then, which makes it only normal that they suffer extreme wardrobe fails every now and then.

From shocking nip slips to ripping dresses, here are some of the most interesting wardrobe malfunctions international celebs have thrilled us to.

1. Nicki Minaj

nicki-nip slip

She had once said that she hates bras, yet she has on more than one occasion suffered the worst nip slips. Here’s she performing at MTV awards, while shielding her chest with her arms.

2. Taylor Swift

taylor malfunction

Taylor‘s dress got a little surprise when the wind blew it up. Oops! The singer certainly wasn’t prepared as she was left scrambling to cover up herself with a mortified expression on her face.

3. Mariah Carey

mariah carey malfunction

After a beautiful performance, Mariah suffered a terrible wardrobe malfunction that had her interviewer and her entire team all holding on to her glittery long dress to prevent a major mishap.

4. Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid

The supermodel gave onlookers an eyeful when her daring red dress slipped to the side, revealing her matching red panties. Oops.

5. Janet Jackson

janet jackson boobs

Back in 2004, Janet Jackson was performing at the Superbowl with Justin Timberlake, and both had apparently planned a dramatic ending that went terribly wrong when Justin exposed Janet’s breast instead of her flashy red undergarment.

6. Toni Braxton

Toni braxton

The singer was left protecting herself with one hand when her shimmery dress fell off while she was performing on stage, revealing her nude-coloured underwear.

7. Jennifer Hudson

jennifer hudson

While appearing on an episode of comedy show Chelsea Lately, Jennifer Hudson had a surprise in the form of a sudden rip in her thigh-high slitted dress. Thankfully, presenter Chelsea Handler quickly rushed to her aid.

8. Lateysha Grace

woman dress rip

The Big Brother UK star was twerking on a live show when her dress ripped from the zip. Thankfully, she was able to find the humour in the situation.