About Community Policing, Know your Neighbors Summit in Agboju Amuwo, Lagos

Community Policing

In collaboration with Blast and Crime Victims Foundation the Nigeria Police talk about Community Policing, Know your neighbors at Agboju in Lagos, Nigeria which also feature discussion about Sexual Violence, Thuggery, Kidnapping and Cultism, Election Violence, Prevention of Bullying in School and the Threats to public safety.

BLAST (Building Lives Around Sound Truth) is a non governmental organization that is saddled with the responsibilities of mentor-ship in the lives of young people in school and outside school.Community Policing

The Summit which the major discuss is to know how best to checkmate incidents of crimes ranging from election violence, school bullying, domestic rape, robbery in traffic and many more, which attendees of the submit contribute to the discussion on how to tackle the rising challenge in the people of this area. The people though can’t help but be thankful to the effort of police and the civil populace.

About election violence like by Barr Gloria Eguji said in her speech

“One is sadly reminded of the past and even re-occurring incidents of violence before, during or after elections by those hired as thugs by politicians to do their bidding on pecuniary terms. It is highly regrettable that is spite of preachment and advocacy by well meaning citizens towards evolving a violent free democratic environment, some citizens with narrow ambition and selfish interest have continued to look for ways to work against a violent free electoral process.”Community Policing

Workable recommendations towards improving the society in various areas the participants came up with and the submit was a success.

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