Club Amigos Host IDLY Winner of “The Voice”

Club Amigos
IDLY (The Voice Winner)

So yesterday Club Amigos on the mainland in Festac, Lagos Nigeria host IDLY The Voice winner and it was awesome, it was a different experience for everybody in attendance, from his team, the clubbers and the host it was bringing life to the night, an IDLY night.

The Voice
IDLY and African China

Competition basically is a reflection of the amount of greatness you have in you, the favor maybe or luck but only time will tell if it’s all that, but for IDLY time is already telling as he was loved by all, even the artiste that have been in the music scene before he came, African China was there to appreciate him, OJO, and some big shot that decide to maintain a low profile.Festac Lagos Nigeria

His yet to be released single he even performed in the early hours of the morning that made the ladies pay attention to him as he commands there attention and many where drinking him in as he perform by the pole.

The Voice WInnerAside from the club hosting him, different people hosted him on there table too, sitting at different tables chatting with not only fans but people he respect in the industry too.

So he came with his crew in a very casual and ready to club the night away outfit, he came prepared and he had fun, every body had fun. But these days a DJ playing in the club never really satisfy his fans or the crowd without him playing the new virus in the dance culture now “One Corner” Oh! the club took a different turn when the DJ played the song, while many watch the beautiful craze dance moves, some just move with the flow and one cornered

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