About Silverbird Man of the Year 2017 Yesterday


It was Silver Bird Man of the Year Award yesterday and it was beautiful, inspiring and motivating as honorable people were awarded and you’ll be grateful for their life and their achievements and how they’ve affected humanity with their ideas and their goals with the much they can still do, as they give appreciative speech when they collect their awards and also encourage people in the room and those watching, to not just watch for watching sake but to wake up and contribute their ideas and knowledge to the growth of this place we call our fatherland.

Even when serious events like this take place you should know that for every serious side there’s always the interesting and the funny side and you’ll know even the diplomats play and crack jokes especially when you have the likes of Dino Milaye, The dancing senator, Senator Adeleke, Governor of Ekiti state, Governor Ayodele Fayose these three people stole the show, the people in the room love them, especially when senator Adeleke thrilled the house with his dance moves as we danced to Wo by Olamide, the crowd and the press people rushed to capture the moment, though can bet the anchor of the show Sunny Irabor never saw that coming because he earlier begged Dino not to dance initially but Senator Adeleke took him by surprise.

“Rise above ethnic partisan and religious prejudice to rescue our country” – Governor Nyesom Wike.

The Man of the Year, the man of the night Governor Nyesom Wike who is the Silver Bird Man of the Year 2017 was celebrated by everybody that came to collect award, especially his senior brother Governor Ayodele Fayose. The speech of the CEO of Zinox will make you want to be a tech guy, as he address the room talking about how farming is a passion and not every youth have that passion, which they can’t force them into it, but the economy need a boost, a revival which tech guys can give. The founder of the Flying Doctors too will make you want to save lives.

The praises of Senator Ben Murray Bruce everybody won’t stop singing because it was a brilliant event that celebrates people working for the betterment of their fatherland like they claim, I know last night some found new heroes, while some seal the respect they have for some of the dignitaries.

Congratulations to the Man of the Year Governor Nyesom Wike