About Us

What is Shakara Square? linkreplicawatches

• An online magazine on everything that relates to lifestyle…

Tagline Options
• … a blend of everything lifestyle
• …explore lifestyle Replica Watches
• …lifestyle, undiluted.
• …lifestyle begins here Copy Rolex Watches
• …giving a beat to lifestyle

Brand Attributes
• Accessible
– Approachable, friendly, helpful, gracious, sincere
– Collaborative, cooperative, unified
– Smart, resourceful, adept, capable
– Limitless, infinite, unfettered
• The New Midwest
– Practical, realistic, sensible
– Focused, thoughtful, passionate
– Hard-working, determined, resolute
– Surprising, bold, courageous
– Modest, prudent, unpretentious
• Offers a 360-degree take on events,entertainment, culture, fashion etc
• Up-to-date information on current affairs, celebrity stories etc

Organizational Culture
Vision and Objectives
• To create a unique experience for online readers of lifestyle magazines
• To be the go-to website for everything that relates to lifestyle
• To deliver exclusive articles on fashion, entertainment and everything inbetween

Positioning Statement
• Shakara Square is the center of all things lifestyle

Brand Promise
• To deliver the right mix of everything lifestyle

Value Proposition
• The Online Magazine that’s actually worth the read Personality Traits
• Lively, fun, elegant, voluptuous,extravagant, flamboyant