Accents “A Curse and Our Pride”


Accents are like a reflection of our root, the pride of where we come from but they became our biggest flaw.

In this world of diverse language and tongues and cultures and influences, our speech are being affected by our environment and activities, in the rural setting, if your English or accent is posh you’ll be more respected and probably worship by those living in the community, you can have access to almost anything and anybody, if you are a guy the ladies will be crushing and if you are a lady, you’ll be the talk of the town, everybody will want to be your friend. The opposite is what happens in an urban setting, if you have accent living in the city, that can be your worst nightmare, everybody will probably mock you, see you as uncivilized, illiterate, there’s limit at where you can work, you wonder why? It’s just because of your accent. You don’t fit into the civilized world.

You wonder why does it have to be so? Why must my accent determine how far I can go or my image. In this world everything we do, everything we are, it’s about the image, how you want people to see you, the kind of quality you want them to see in you, so it balls down to what they see you do, who you roll with, it’s always about networking, it’s about your link. Friends and fans flock around you because of what they can benefit, though some wants to be your friend to improve who you are, those are your real friends. Cooperations are about the image they present to clients and they always want to present the right image so they do everything perfectly, diverse tongues and accents representing them is not perfect because they don’t care about you, it’s always about them, that’s why you have the work dress code, time to work and time to close, work etiquette. They just pay you what they feel you’re worth.

Where is the love you’ll ask, why must they act that way just to protect their image.

It’s 2017 and the whole world already knows it’s not just one race that’s on earth, we’ve all learnt the meaning of the word migration and the word work and survival and searching for green pastures and following your dreams to wherever they lead you or probably where they are really needed. So I guess the world is not new to the sentence of people migrating to new town or city to work for survival or work because it’s their passion or their dream, because that’s what humans do, they move around to improve life and services, so I see no trouble their for someone to walk to the front desk and getting a wrong image of an organization just because the receptionist got accent, accents are not flaws, accents are what we are.

I hate to talk about racism but I think the world has place value on accents too, they rate your value with your accent, having the english accent is a huge plus to your résumé, having the American accent you are the life of the party, some people love the Mexican, French and the Carrebian accent, they love how they sound, though they are not still welcome in the work place, got the African accents and you are so from the forest.