Accidentally in love – Episode 1


It’s 7:45, early on Monday morning. I was still in bed wrapping up myself in my warm blanket. “Tania! Are you not ready for school?”I heard my mum’s voice downstairs. But I ignored her and turned myself over to the other side. I hate school so much, I wish I could stop going to school one day but that is not possible. My parents won’t allow that. They’re rich and cares a lot about our education. But am so poor in school because I have no interest in studying or having good grades. Out of 40, I normally have grade 39 in school. That can show how poor I did in class. I hate how am being treated in school by my fellow classmates. There’s nothing hurtful than being treated invisible. I only had a friend in school, but the rest treated me like shit. And called me all sort of names.
“Gbaam!” my door flung open. The sound made me turn back to see the person.
“Lazy cow, won’t you prepare for school? Dad is waiting for you downstairs” Stephen said raising his voice. He was dressed In his school uniform already. I sluggishly rise up from my bed and stepped down facing him. “Get out of my room now. Am coming”I said facing him. “Whatever. just be fast and stop wasting our time or else..”he said looking at me. “Or else you kill me? I said Get out of my room already”I said pushing him to the door. I pushed him out and closed my door.
Stephen is my elder brother, he like teasing and making fun of me. We attend the same school but he’s in his final year in high school. No one will believe we’re siblings in school because am opposite of him. He’s tall, handsome and smart. He always came top in his class. He’s also popular among girls in school. We don’t walk together in school because I don’t want them to pull off my hair.
I rushed to the bathroom and took my bath. I quickly prepared for school and went to join them downstairs.
When I got to school, I walked slowly towards my class knowing am late and will be punished for that. I got to the entrance of my class. I breath in and out as I adjusted my glasses. I opened the door slowly and walked in standing in front of the class. Everywhere was silent on getting in. I saw the English teacher and my heart started beating fast in fear. “You came late to my class again?”he asked looking at me. I don’t know what to say because, I know am always late to his class and he won’t let it slide. “I don’t want to see you till the end of this class. Now move out!”he said sounding angry. “A…am sorry sir”I apologized to him bowing my head continuously. My glass fell to the ground in the process of bowing my head. The whole class bursted into laughter and that made me more embarrassed. I picked it up and put it back on. I looked round the class and my eyes caught with Daniel’s. He was not laughing with others but staring at me in pity. I quickly stared off and left the class in embarrassment. I stood by the window outside, I can still hear the English teacher’s voice as the lecture went on.

After 30 minutes of standing outside, the class was over and the teacher went out. I walked into the class and sat beside sonia.”why are you late today? I thought you were not coming to school when the English lesson began”sonia said looking at me. I removed my bag and dropped it on the table. “Something came up”I said to her. “Ok, I was just worried about you”she said. I nodded my head to her.
I turned back and saw daniel chatting with his friends. He was smiling brightly as they talk. I stared at him admiringly. Daniel is my crush right from my first day in school. I love him so much and wished he was mine. He’s handsome, cool and smart. He has all the charisma a lady will love to see on a guy. I had a crush on him but he didn’t notice that or ever talked to me in class. I don’t think he even know I existed in this class. I watched him as he talk, he stopped suddenly and looked at my direction, Our eyes met but he stood up from his seat. I quickly stared off pretending I wasn’t looking. “I think he caught my eyes on him, is he coming here? He can’t possibly ask why I was staring at him, will he?”I thought to myself tapping my feets on the floor.

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