Alexx Ekubo for Yomi Casual Capsule Collection

Yomi Casual
Alexx Ekubo and Yomi Casual in Alexx Ekubo for Yomi Casual Capsule Collection

Fashion is the language of the moment and Alexx Ekubo is speaking that language fluently, collaborating with the just wedded designer Yomi Casual to release a capsule collection Alexx Ekubo for Yomi Casual Collection, the collection for a boss and less dramatic and comfy to wear, the collection which is a reflection of the Gentle African Man vibe.

Alexx EkuboAlexx who is known for his sartorial choices and a blooming modelling career joined forces with the menswear brand to develop designs that are very simple, comfortable, refined, timeless and imperial.

According to Alexx Ekubo:

Alexx EkuboGrowing up, I’ve always wondered what it will be like designing a collection for the public. What will be my key areas of focus? Well for me, comfort is key. I always want to not just be seen as comfortable in whatever I’m wearing, but to actually be comfortable in it, also, less is more – so less dramatic designs and a more subtle statement piece that screams Boss and Maturity. Hence the creation of the new Alexx Ekubo For Yomi Casual Collection

This collection actually reflect the elements that the Yomi Casual house is about, the crisp and the elegance and the African vibe that distinguish every Yomi Casual man.