Amazing Work Of Art! Artist Creates A Portrait Of Davido Using 800 Rubik Cubes (Video)


A young Talented visual artist creates an outstanding portrait of the superstar Afrobeat singer, Davido Adeleke with 800 pieces of Rubik’s cubes.

The incredible art piece was created by Jaystan Okputu who used multiple pieces of the 3-D combination puzzle to form the face of Davido.

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According to the creator, the piece took him a stretch of 6 hours and a total of 800 pieces of Rubik’s cube to complete the artwork.

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Man creates unique portrait of Davido using 800 Rubik’s cubes (Video)

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Jaystan’s portrait of Davido has since been applauded across social media even though it is yet to get the attention of O.B.O.

Watch the video below …