Another suicide note dropped on Facebook.HELP!!!

suicide note

Another Facebook user have written a suicide note on Facebook hours ago.

Her user ID is: Favilla Reigns

See what she wrote:

I tried to move on, I tried to hold onto the False beliefs that’s everything will be fine, but instead it gets worse. I lied to myself that everything will be fine,instead the clock stops Ticking…
I go to bed every night Hopeful and wake up Hopeless….
Am done being a Fighter…
This is where the Candle Quenches..
It’s time I give into the call, the call to come home… 
The call for Eternal Rest…
I came into the world, I Struggled and I’ve Given up….
It breaks my heart to Type this down but pass it down to my loved ones…
Tell them I said I never Had enough time to say Goodbye….. 😥😥😥

Please if you know this lady reach out to her,you may be saving a life.

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