Ash Seven to release Nigeria’s first stop 3D animated film ‘Dave and Golly’ in 2015 Q2


‘Dave and Golly is said to be the first stop motion 3D animation in Nigeria. The fifty minutes long animated film will be released Nationwide in the second quarter of 2015.

 Dave and Golly, although was inspired by a biblical epic that anyone can watch, has its own twists, turns surprises and additional characters that are bound to leave movie lovers wanting for more.
The film was put together by a group of Nigerians who form the media company, #Ash Seven. The company strives to inspire youths through art and creativity, and Dave and Golly does just so.
Animator and director of the film: Victor Enoch, at first had no intentions whatsoever to make a 3D film anytime soon, but having created smashing animated hits like “The House of Ajebo Comedy Skits”, he tweaked his goals a bit and set to achieve it. Mr.Victor Enoch said it’s already taking about a year to do the movie but the effort will definitely be worth it. “We want to make this international, we want this country to be known for having great animation standards, and that’s why we’re trying to make it happen and make it perfect. It’s going to take a lot of work because the other Animation companies [Disney, Pixar, Marvel] have put in a lot of years work, but someday we’ll get to that spot,” he said.
Voice actor Daniel Okosun doubles as the Public Relations agent for, #Ash Seven and as the voice of antagonist Golly said there was a lot of work done to make sure the film becomes a reality.
At the recent press conference of “David and Golly” in Abuja, The Secretary and Marketer to the group, Miss Mani-Tiffany Tela, also mentioned that Dave and Golly is not a Christian film, it’s a movie for everyone. She said to watch out for good quality and humour.
Mr. Emeka Ibe, who is the assistant director of #AshSeven added that “David and Golly” will be in the cinema soon.
You can as well follow the animation project on:
 Twitter: @AnimationNg