Aurora Station the First Space Hotel

Aurora Station

Aurora Station, a luxurious horse pill-shaped space hotel where you’ll have the privilege of spending 12 days with five other people in the middle of nowhere.

For just $9.5 million, you get a week-and-a-half long trip where you’ll have spectacular views of two things: the Earth, and the chilling midnight-black of the unexplored cosmos. When that gets old (probably after about a day), you’ll be able to spend the remaining 11 days poking around the rest of the cabin, which measures about 43 feet (13 meters) long by 14 ft wide.

Playing cards, non-space food, and drinks will be available for a small fee when our two astronauts come through the cabin each day. We’re cash only, so be sure to make accomodations before lift-off.Space Hotel

We already think the cost is affordable, but honestly, who can put a price on hovering 200 miles above whatever geopolitical turmoil is brewing on the Earth’s surface in 2022. Included in the cost is the notoriously poor internet connection already enjoyed on the International Space Station. Think about that. No Twitter! That means you can truly go off the grid and avoid any fiery tweets dispatched by you-know-who.

To book your stay, simply submit a fully refundable $80,000 down payment to Orion Span, the folks behind this celestial B&B. There are only four seats available, so act fast!