Australia celebrates New Year with dazzling fireworks display


While Nigeria and some countries are anticipating the new year in some hours, New Zealand, the island nation of Samoa, and Australia are already celebrating 2019 with dazzling displays of fireworks and the right amount of excitement.

Due to the different time zones around the world, people will see the clock strike twelve earlier than some countries.

However, Samoa is always the first country to ring in the New Year, while New Zealand welcomed the New Year at about 11 am WAT, Samoa did about an hour earlier.

This was followed by Australia at 2.00 pm WAT.

Sydney in Australia is the world’s first major city to welcome 2019 with a spectacular display of fireworks at the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

According to local media report, the weather cleared for fun lovers to enjoy the fireworks.

More than 8.5 tonnes of fireworks comprising more than 100,000 individual effects, 35,000 of them shooting comets, were fired over the harbour by midnight.

With 39 different local times in use, it takes 26 hours for the entire world to enter the New Year.

See video below:

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