Two Baby Mamas Who Share Same Baby Daddy Team Up For Adorable Family Photo-shoot


Two ladies who are baby mamas to one man has taken social media by storm as they shared adorable pictures as they celebrated with their kids.

The ladies Tee Ja’Nesse and Starrkeisha Martin have three children for the man but are not married to him.

Starrkeisha had posted photos from their photoshoot on her Facebook page and the post didn’t take long before it went viral with many social media users expressing their admiration for the bond between the ladies.

As the post continued to gain a lot of traction, many who reacted to the post and also shared it had thought the ladies are sisters or friends. Starrkeisha then decided to explain the relationship between her and Ja’Nesse.

According to her, it wasn’t so smooth when the duo discovered they have babies for the same man.

“We then had a rough four years of knowing each other,” Starrkeisha said.

For the sake of their children, they decided to bury their hatchet and form an alliance that would make the kids see themselves as siblings.

Starrkeisha wrote:
“Most people who shared our last photo thought we were two friends or 2 sisters or in a relationship but NO we are two Mothers 👩‍👧👩‍👧‍👦 Same BabyDaddy. 🥴

“When you grow as a person and gain that type of maturity you can do things like this to create memories for the kids🤞🏼 only people who know us know that we then had a rough four years of knowing each other.💯

“Why take away from them knowing each other and their happiness when they’re together because the moms can’t get it together.

“But look at us now🥰 & I’m happy we’ve gotten to this point. It’s not about us. It’s about them badass kids 😇 Being cool with your bd (baby daddy) bm (baby mama) is not a crime 🙄😊

Her post has been shared over 40,000 times on Facebook.

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