Banker stabs wife 124 times for asking for divorce


46-year-old Sanjay Nijhawan reportedly stabbed his 38-year-old wife in the head and neck before slitting her throat after she asked him for a divorce.

Sanjay is said to have been struggling to cope after he was fired from his highly paid job with Barclays when his wife broke the news to him.

When the banker was arrested by police, he reportedly appeared to be “deranged” and had also suffered a nervous breakdown.

He was found sitting beside his wife’s body by worried family members who came to their home in Weybridge, Surrey.

In addition, Sanjay is said to have made Google searches before the killing on how to commit suicide and on how to identify the “soft parts of a female human skull.”

While he remains tghe key suspect in his wife’s murder case. Sanjay However denies murdering his wife.

He is expected to argue he had an abnormality of mental function at the time of the sad incident.