Basket Mouth won Comic of the Year at Savanna Comics’ Choice Awards

Savanna Comic Choice Award

For the first time, the pinnacle comedy awards event in South Africa expanded to include all African countries and this year Basket Mouth from Nigeria won the Comic of the Year at Savanna Comics’ Choice Awards and we are saying a big congratulations to him as this is a well deserve win for him.

 Savanna Comic Choice Award
Basketmouth as the Comic of the Year at Savanna Comic Choice Award

Thank you @comicschoice I truly appreciate this. – Basket Mouth

Held under the banner of “The Freedom of Funny”, the Awards celebrated the power that humour has to break down barriers and open borders between African countries and encourage the free flow of comedy talent.

 Savanna Comic Choice AwardThis freedom is the cornerstone of comedians’ ability to make people laugh and to make a living. This is the freedom they have (and need) to create, to express and to poke fun at the serious and often silly side of everyday life.

“This theme was chosen after the success of last year’s theme – ‘For The Love Of Laughter’.

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