Benin Video Vixen allegedly bleeds to death after being used for ritual by boyfriend


A really sad and pathetic story has been trending for a while. A beautiful video vixen Wendy recently died under the most gruesome of conditions. She bled to death. But her bleeding is not one that can be merely attributed to a medical condition. Rather, it has been said that her boyfriend allegedly used her for money rituals.

The said lady whose name is Wendy lives in Benin, Edo state, with her boyfriend named Best Jide. The events leading up to her death were quite very dramatic. She supposedly shared them with her best friend Kate.

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Based on the chats released by Kate, Wendy said that due to the fact that she was from the ‘water side’, she could tell when something was about to happen to her or her friends through dreams.

It followed that she had a dream which was very strange. In the dream, she saw that her boyfriend Best was mad and she was bleeding profusely.

Whatever spoke to her in her revealing dreams told her that the boyfriend was mad because he had used her for money ritual and that she, as a matter of fact, had three days to live. Although, she did not believe that the love of her life could do something of such nature to her, she woke up in fear nonetheless.

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According to Wendy, it turned out that when she woke up, she saw that she was truly bleeding in her private part. The scared lady who was a model called her pastor. This pastor rightly informed her that the dream was not a lie. She had, indeed, been used for money rituals and she was bound to die in three days unless she goes to the river side where she belongs.

Because there was no river where she was, Wendy told her friend in the chat that she intended to come to Lagos the next day. Apparently, she was not able to, and so, she passed on by allegedly bleeding to her death.

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See an excerpt from the chat in which the late video vixen still defended her boyfriend and claimed to love him in spite of all.

Many people have taken to paying their condolences to the beautiful lady. They were full of sorrow for her passing and this showed in their reactions.

Recently, a lady was rejected from being used to perform money ritual. The Ijebu native doctor she had been taken to rejected her saying that she was a corpse who had already been used for a ritual purpose that had rendered her useless.

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