Betty Irabor Writes “Kudos Laura” to Laura Ikeji

Betty Irabor

Betty Irabor the creator of Life Lessons is motivating today using Laura Ikeji as the motivating medium and it’s mind blowing how she notice and follow things, “It can’t be easy, it couldn’t have been easy but she has come a long way to where she is now!!in life“. Read the full story

Here’s how to keep your eyes on the ball!!
A few years back when I joined social media I got to know about @officiallindaikeji . She even joined a team that attended my Morning Dew Reading in Bayelsa and I didn’t even know who she was. When I finally learnt that she had attended the event ; “I thought “damn it, she is going to roast us “. But she didn’t! As usual, she stayed in the background and very few people knew who she was. But this post is not about Linda, it is about her baby sister @lauraikeji . I observed then how people would troll Laura every time her picture was posted online; either when she was dancing or decked in her fashion pieces. I remember one particular post; you know those ones that say “who wore it better?” She was roasted in the comment session! And of course she wasn’t the better choice from the stream of comments! Oh the savagery.
But I was intrigued by her tenacity and energy to just keep going and keep believing in her self, year in , year out. Last year I became one of her followers! I was curious about her. I was fascinated by the hard work and energy she puts into her work. The gutsy marketing,her passion for blogging,the dance ( ok, I dance better?) So, on her birthday this year, I called to wish her a happy birthday and congratulations on her steady but commendable strides. I watched her speak at one of the panels at Social media week too.
Amidst so many distractions, this young girl has managed to stay focused and keep her eyes on the ball. It can’t be easy, it couldn’t have been easy but she has come a long way to where she is now!!in life, you have to learn to shine even in the dark. You have to learn to twinkle like a star, you have to understand that no one has monopoly of success, we all have a claim to it. It is ours for the taking. Never allow small minds infiltrate your territory, turn every negative vibe into fuel that powers you up, don’t self depreciate and never accept that you’re not good enough.. because you are.. You are as good as your beliefs.. you own your beliefs, aim high and take tomorrow!!!
Kudos Laura.

And Laura replied “God bless u aunty Betty @bettyirabor