Biafrans living Durban South African granted right of protest by the SA government


Biafrans living in Durban South Africa today paid a courtesy visit to the South African police headquarter to seek for right to protest on the oncoming #SITATHOMEBIAFRANSINBIAFRALANDMAY30TH2019

The group shared pictures with authority on their facebook page,and it writes..

The Authority and Permission by South African Government to gathering for a peaceful demonstrations in remembrance of Biafran fallen heroes and heroines who paid the ultimate price in defense of Biafran territory and also pushing for BIAFRAN GENOCIDE RECOGNITION by (World) International communities as COMMITTED by zoo called Nigeria MURDEROUS GOVERNMENT and her allies on 30th May 1967- 1970 till date have been granted to IPOB family kwazulunatal, South Africa.

We expecting not less than 300 Biafran protesters around the street of Durban city on 30th May 2019.

We Must Continue………


All hail Biafra!

See pictures below..

ShakaraSquare TV