From BigBrother to Festac Fitness Walk II; Kemen in Festac

Festac Fitness Walk II

In some few hours it will be Festac Fitness Walk II and we are excited because we’ll be walking with Kemen and he’s excited too because it’s going to a good walking experience with him and also working out with him, who doesn’t like a good body, everybody does i guess because it spells good health and sexy look, guess everybody love to be sexy and attractive.

So what will you be doing tomorrow? where will you be? you really don’t want to be at home trust me, where you really want to be is on the street walking with Kemen and the people of Festac to keep your body fit and get free medical check up from Paramount Life Care, what better way to spend Saturday making your life beautiful and also having the chance to take a selfie with the former bigbrother housemate.Festac Fitness Walk II

So like they say come one, come all, lol i just have to fix that in somewhere it’s been long since i heard that in an advert but really you don’t want to come alone, be a good friend and invite somebody and let’s bring the street to life with our beautiful vibes and great body, life is beautiful you know, let’s compliment it.