Bill Cosby will not be charged for raping 15-year old girl


Bill cobsy

Bill Cosby is finally about to get some good news as reports state that he will not be charged with assaulting a 15-year old girl.

It would be recalled that Judy Huth had filed charges against Cosby claiming the comedian molested her in 1974 when she was only 15 years old. Judy’s charge was the first after a series of rape allegations had been levelled against Cosby.

US prosecutors however cited the statute of limitations which restricts the length of time in which legal action can be taken after an alleged crime has been committed.

Huth had claimed that she was forced by Mr Cosby to perform a sex act on him at the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles. Cosby’s lawyers had however fired back, saying that she was trying to extort $250,000 from him as well as attempting to sell her story to a tabloid a decade ago before deciding to sue Cosby.

A total of 19 women have so far accused Bill Cosby of rape within the past few weeks, with many citing the use of drugs in inducing the act. Cosby’s lawyers have however denied the allegations.