Bizarre! Women now use their period for facial treatment (Photos)


A self-described ‘blood witch’ who caused a social media storm by giving herself a period menstrual facial wants to inspire scores of other women to do the same thing.

Earlier this month Australian Yazmina Jade, 26, collected the blood from her period and smeared it on to her face in a ‘sacred ritual’ which went viral.

Now, the Gold Coast feminine healer has encouraged women across the globe to stop hiding their menstrual cycle by following her lead – and share their results.

Former hairdresser Yazmina said she felt a ‘blood bond’ with the women who took part.

Yazmina said: “I felt an overwhelming gratitude and love to support women in reclaiming the feminine.

“When I first posted this online, I was being contacted by women who were realizing how much shame they had held because of their menstrual cycle.

“There has definitely been a reclaiming of the collective feminine.

“It’s about the coming together through a blood bond and lifting each other up.”

Yazmina said the beauty trend is reconnecting women because they can now discuss the ‘whispered-about’ issue of periods in public.

She said some of the backlash she received was tied to a societal stigma around witches.

Yazmina plans to continue to take the movement a step further by hosting a group conference for women to perform the ceremony.

And she has slammed the critics who have accused her of being ‘sick’ on social media.

“Women can now talk about this stuff.

“This is getting the message out to allow people to understand it’s not scary to let go of the shame.

“There’s a lot of fear around the witch title from the Pagan era. It’s a fear of the unknown that comes from an old belief system.”

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