Blac Chyna’s mum drags Wendy Williams


Blac Chyna’s mum, Tokyo Toni, has taken Wendy Williams to the shredders over the comment the show host made about her family.

The drama all started after Wendy criticised Rob and Chyna’s docu-series, alleging that Chyna’s mum and Chyna herself are opportunists.

They have nothing to fall back on,” Wendy said, adding, “unlike Rob who has a lot to fall back on.”

Wendy also wrongly noted that Chyna didn’t finish college, like her mum who didn’t have formal education.


Not long after, an upset Tokyo took Wendy to the cleaners, and it was messy!

This is not the first time Chyna’s mum would be dragging Wendy Williams. In October 2015, the proud mum dragged the show host for coming for her daughter on her show. Back then, Tokyo Toni showed no mercy. Now the former pornstar is more brutal.

Read what Tokyo Toni wrote: