Black Panther; Changing the World

Black Panther

Can bet before now we didn’t see this coming, just like the many surprises that happen in everyday life, even the actors and the writers can almost guess they didn’t know the much impact the movie will have on the world, but as at right now, this movie is changing the world, this movie is breeding a new world and new people with new sense and new culture, this movie Black Panther is becoming a new religion that will be practice for a long time.

The Black race have always enjoy an odd kind of publicity in the media and even mere gist, how the race is been portrayed and how people treat the race even, the believe they have in the race of how much they can do has always been an issue, making many black people to almost not believe in their selves and dreams because of how they’re been treated.

Even their government have not tried much, stealing from the economy and making the people suffer while they work and struggle to survive the daily life, but thank God for the mind and believe of tomorrow will be a better day if not maybe Africa would have, have the highest number of suicide but the people never give up, just as the world would never give up for a better and racism free world, even a war free world, the world still hope and believe there’ll be a time when freedom, peace and unity will really be as it mean and not as they hide behind it to rob the people.
Black Panther

The thought of a black hero movie will be one thing many only hoped for and not just any kind of black fictional super hero movie but a black hero movie with a huge budget, $200 million and finally it came and it’s been celebrated and the world can’t just seem to have enough of it yet as every day the movie change thousands of life and we are grateful the movie came at this time when the world need something new and different to believe in because we are tired of the believes that got us here.

With this movie you can boldly say it will be a good day soon, it will be a better world soon because right now this movie is making us believe and hope differently that even if you’ve not seen the movie or may never see the movie, the effect of what the movie has done on people will rub off on you and you’ll catch the fever. Ask me what the biggest influence in 2018 is and I’ll boldly scream Black Panther, its making people kind, making people want to help the next person, this movie is breeding a new culture and we are down for it, because it’s a good and beautiful culture that we’ll be grateful for in million years to come. So as we toast to the freaking weekend, let’s toast to the new world, to Black Panther and guess a black James Bond movie can happen too, we love Idris Elba.