(Graphic) Aggrieved boyfriend set Family of Eight on fire in their home for a relationship gone sour


Earlier today,we shared the story of eight members of a family who were severely burnt after the aggrieved boyfriend of their daughter set their home ablaze after she called off their relationship.

Deji Adenuga, a jealous love and an ex-convict, was going out with Titi Sanumi. She got tired of the relationship and decided to call it off. In anger, Deji stormed Titi’s home, threw in a jerry can filed with petroleum and set the home ablaze.

Eight members of Titi’s family were severely burnt. Five of them have since died while the remaining three are receiving treatment at the Trauma Centre, Ondo town in Ondo State.

Deji is currently on the run.

Graphic photos of the children set ablaze by their sisterGraphic photos of the children set ablaze by their sister