Brutal husband drags his wife from a car by her hair


A woman is violently dragged from a car by her hair and pulled across a road by her husband in this brutal footage.

The clip, which was filmed in an unnamed Chinese city, shows the man tugging at her hair as she sits in a taxi.

Remarkably, the woman, who had apparently tried to escape from her violent spouse, shows no emotion as she is pulled from the car and made to crouch beside it.

The man, who is speaking in a Chinese dialect, shouts at the woman for trying to run away as he drags her to his car.

The man can be heard saying: “Get in the car. Do I have to beat you or are you going to get in?”

A number of people are heard talking as the violent act takes place, with onlookers even laughing at the woman’s plight.


The video – captured on China’s Vine-like sharing application Miaopai – goes on to show the woman being forced into her husband’s van, after which he asks a friend or relative to drive them home.

The story has been republished and shared tens of thousands of times on Chinese Twitter-like site Sina Weibo.

Shocked commenters have described the man’s behaviour as “morally bankrupt”, while others called the violent husband a “beast” and the onlookers “animals”.


Those sharing the video online have suggested that the woman may be a “Vietnamese bride”, married in China after being “bought” from across the country’s southern border.

There has been no word of involvement by Chinese police.