Car buyers trail seller home, rob and kill him


A man has allegedly been killed by people he sold his car to.

The buyers, who reportedly paid in cash, trailed the deceased home, killed him before carting away the money.

According to one Twitter user, who uses the moniker Reuben (Handmade ShoesNEST)/@reubenjoshua6 on the microblogging platform, the killers tried to make the scene look like he committed suicide.

He wrote,

He sold his car, they paid in cash, took the car, followed him home, stole the money back, and took his life…  Don’t rest bro, please torment them before we get them… ✊

They tried to make the scene look like he killed himself… They put acid in a glass cup and kept beside the bed; but his body was found on the bed, covered under the blanket; how in the hell can you drink acid and not struggle before you die? And your lips and tongue unburnt? How?

And you the so-called friend the deal was done involving you, you didn’t come for the burial; you travelled the next day after he died…

Well..!! Don’t rest yet bro, please don’t…



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