Care for your Embellished Jeans

Embellish Jeans

The Washing, drying and Ironing of your embellished jeans, it’s not your regular everyday jeans so you’re not meant to treat it like that, like the everyday jean.

Don’t ever put your embellish jeans in the washing machine. The details will definitely be knocked around and probably off in the aggressive cycle.It is advised you take them to a professional but if not please try to follow the steps below:

Fill your bath tub or some type of similarly large container with cold water and mild detergent.Turn your jeans inside out so the embellishments aren’t exposed and dip them in the water a few times and rinse them out, do not soak).
Do not wring or twist your jeans in the process Not only will u “agitate” the details but you might wrinkle the denim.Ironing, pressing or steaming the jeans could damage the embellishments.

Always hang dry-never throw your jeans in the dryer for obvious reasons(experts warn that machine drying could also alter the fit and shade of the jeans). If you air-dry it, your jeans will dry somewhat pressed but not in direct sunlight as this can affect the jeans (heat is not adhesive friendly).

Storage; Store your jeans properly Wadding up your jeans and throwing them into the bottom of your closet or jamming into a packed drawer also puts the embellishments at risk. Hanging is one option or storing in garment bags for extra protection or you can fold with the stones on the inside and place at the top of your drawer to minimize crushing.

– Jeans With a Twist