Celebrities Talking About the Libya Slavery

Libya Slavery
Lydia Forson

We are humans and not animals, we’ve got right and not meant to be slaves, this is degrading humanity, nobody supports this. Celebrities talking against the slavery in Libya and wanting it to trend.

If these faces of our youth in modern day captivity called slavery does not move every one and relevant organizations and NGOs to action now, then we all have lost our collective humanity. *to the youth who still believe the grass is greener on the other side, this is what greener looks like when you fall into the trap.
Lord help us all.. we must not relent until our voices are heard all over the world#releaseouryouth#theyarenotcattletobesold#mansinhumanitytoman – Betty Irabor

None of this surprises me, and it’s really unfortunate that it doesn’t. I’m just glad that IRS come to light so we WAKE UP from our BLISSFUL IGNORANCE. I’ve spoken time and time again about the realities of being black in this world but too many of us choose to remain in this bubble. And yes, poverty is a contributing factor that leads these people people there in the first place, BUT how many white people, who I know find themselves being trafficked are treated this way? We’ve got to stop using social media for just selfies and funny memes, make yourself heard. If this isn’t trending it’s because we’re NOT talking about it!! – Lydia Forson

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