Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Talking About Melania Trump‘s visit to Africa

Esquire UK

On October 13th, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie appeared in conversation with Alex Bilmes (editor-in-chief of Esquire UK) at the 2018 edition of Esquire Townhouse.

The award-winning novelist, feminist, philanthropist and Harper’s Bazaar Woman of the Year 2017 spoke to Esquire about her illustrious body of work that includes Purple HibiscusHalf of a Yellow Sun, and last year’s spectacular Dear Ijeawele.

She also spoke on on Melania Trump‘s visit to Africa and why she believes the first lady is a racist, on Identity, US President Donald Trump and the Crisis in Masculinity.

“We don’t ‘do’ race in Nigeria,” Adichie said, explaining the shock of leaving her home country to experience American culture as a student. She recalled an incident when a professor asked who had written an outstanding essay and was surprised when she raised her hand. “He didn’t expect the writer to be black,” she said.