China bans rich kids from TV


rich kidsThe progeny of China’s rich and famous can have a hard time sticking to the socialist script that’s in fashion these days under President Xi Jinping.

But at least now, their excesses won’t be broadcast to the world.

China’s State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television has banned children of celebrities from appearing on reality-TV shows, according to an April 17 story carried by Xinhua, the state newswire.

Over the past few years, national airwaves have been deluged by reality shows featuring the pampered scions of China’s elite, often as they try to adjust to the kind of underprivileged existences the vast majority of Chinese live.

The new regulations are supposedly designed to protect minors who could be exploited by stage parents or money hungry TV networks.

Last fall, children younger than 10 were barred from serving as spokeskids in Chinese advertising campaigns.