Chinasa Cries Out, She Claimed her Mother is Pregnant for her Husband


A very sad story of a Nigerian woman who was chased out of her house with her children. A Nigerian woman identified simply as Chinasa from Abia state has cried out on social media after her mother got pregnant for her husband. The woman revealed that she suspected something when they were spending time together. The 27-year-old woman claimed that her husband got her mother pregnant when she came to assist her with taking care of her newborn baby.

Chinasa, who is mother of three, two boys and a girl, claimed that her husband chased her out of the house after he professed love for her mother. The woman, who shared her story on a Facebook group for mothers, asked Nigerian mothers to advice her on what to do. She revealed that a family meeting has been arranged.

“My sis please help so it will get to admin and she will help me post, l don’t need to hide my identity. My name is Chinasa, am from item in bende, L.G.A, Abia state. Please l don’t know what to do again, l am 27-years-old, Am married with 3 kids 2 boys and a girl. l had my daughter early this year, My mom came for normal child visit, After few months, l started noticing some changes from hubby to mum. He takes her out, always gisting wit my mum,l thought it was normal in-law’s love, until two days ago, my mum tested positive, My own mother is pregnant for my husband and he sent me and my kids out of the house, claiming he is in love with my mother, we have called for family meeting, I want mothers to advice on to do what because am losing my mind, the shame is too much help a dying sister..I will b reading ur advice..”