Conor McGregor violently attacks a fan,smashes his phone for taking pictures of him(Video)


CCTV has obtained new footage showing Conor McGregor swatting and smashing a cell phone in front of the Fontainebleau hotel in Miami … right after doing his famous “Billionaire Strut.”

The footage is being used in the criminal case against the UFC star stemming from a March 11 incident.

The footage begins at 5:21 AM showing Conor leaving the hotel with an entourage while Ahmed Abdirzak follows him out while recording McGregor on his cell phone.

At one point, McGregor reaches out to Ahmed as if he was going to shake his hand — but then pulls back and violently smacks the phone out of the guy’s hand.

Conor then stomps on the phone a couple of times before picking it up and walking away.