COVID-19 cases in Nigeria would hit 312 by Friday – UI team predicts


The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Nigeria will be at least 312 by Friday, April 3, the University of Ibadan Committee on COVID-19 Data Analysis and Management has predicted.

As of 10.40 pm on Saturday, March 28, Nigeria had recorded 97 confirmed cases of COVID-19.

This was an increase of 27 cases from the 70 confirmed cases as of 8 pm on Friday, March 27.

In a graphical report, the UI team said if the current trend continued, the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Nigeria would hit 312 by Friday, April 3.

The graphical report shared by UI’s Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Research, Innovation and Strategic Partnership, Prof. Olanike Adeyemo, on her Facebook wall “shows the rate at which the infection is being transmitted among those who were exposed to COVID-19.”

The explanatory note on one of the graphs read, “Approximately 70.4 per cent of those people currently infected with COVID-19 were initially exposed to the disease on day 12 of the occurrence of the disease in Nigeria.

“The predictive model is an indication that the disease will continue to be on the increase in the days ahead and that time, in days, accounted for 89.0 per cent of the variation in the cumulative confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Nigeria.

“If the current trend continues, the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 is expected to be at least 312 by 3rd April, 2020.”




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