Davido videoed pants down while in the toilet (Video)


Toilet: Like many close pals do to each other, Speacial Spesh; Davido’s hypeman who told his fans how he used to take Davido to club at age 13, has again taken to Instagram to pull a big clout in the singer.

“He used to drink juice in those days” - Special Spesh recounts how he started taking Davido to club at age 13
Davido and Special Spesh

One of the human bodily functions that’s common to every individual is pooping, and it’s uncommon to find a video of celebrities pooping, but thanks to Spesh, we can save Davido’s as the first in our catalogue.

Special Spesh shared a video of Davido in the toilet, while passing out metabolic wastes.

Davido was busy operating his phone when he noticed that someone was recording and his reaction was epic.

Watch video below;