Day 2 Count Down #festacfitnesswalk

Festac Fitness Walk

Flashback to last year when we had Festac Fitness Walk, it was a beautiful day and a very interesting one, before then though i do think people around this area are just about the groove and the party because in this town, the life is different, Festac people are the happy people, they love to party and to be alive and that’s why it’s a festival town where everything happens, but they love to keep fit too and it was fun keeping fit with the people of Festac.

The memories of last year we can’t just forget in a hurry, especially with African China and the Honorable as they lead the walk and catch the attention of people around, can remember people joining the walk impromptu, getting the Tshirt too, to feel the vibe of the walk and we all had fun together walking, walking was fun really.Festac Fitness Walk

After the walk, really it became part of me to walk around, it’s fun and stress relieving especially when you’ve been sitting all day and like studies has shown sitting for a very long time is bad for your health, you need to walk around and make the blood flow, free your joint and exercise them and your body will thank you.Festac Fitness walk

It get more interesting every year as new things will be happening at this year Festac Fitness walk and if you were around last year, this year you don’t want to miss because it’s a different kind of fun you’ll be experiencing this year, not Kemen alone you’ll be experiencing, not even Vector alone, the surprise? wait for it.Festac

So where will you rather be on the 10th of March, i know where i’ll be, i’ll be in Festac with my guys and we’ll be walking to keep fit, we’ll be walking with the good people of this town, so don’t nurse hangover that morning.