DBanj Trying Times: Kanayo O. Kanayo Sympathize with DBanj

Kanayo O. Kanayo

It’s heartbreaking and sad the news of the death of the first son of our favorite entertainer DBanj and since the news, many people, fans and celebrities have been sending their condolence message to the entertainer, though while some are sympathizing with him, some are already apportioning blames and criticizing the situation that result to the demise of the little one.

But in Kanayo words he want fans and people talking about this horrible situation to be careful about what they say because “Words can kill”. The actor took to his page few minutes ago to pay his condolences to D’banj over his lost son.

He wrote:

“My sympathy goes out to you at this trying times. Many things happen in this journey of life we cannot explain how and why they happened. But in all things we give thanks to our creator, please my brother accept my sincere condolences. @iambangalee 
To our social media fans, words can console, demoralize, infuriate, calm, strengthen, IT CAN KILL. Please let’s be careful with the words we employ in situations as this.”