Denrele Edun – Unapologetically Me for GQ France

GQ France
Denrele Edun

You can’t help but be proud of how Nigerians are dominating the industry world wide, covering GQ France Denrele Edun talking about who he truly is and how the society try to define him to be who he’s not, he’s unapologetic and he exist giving the society the finger it deserve.

When the two become the one,
And the inside outside, the outside in,
So that the male be not male nor the female female,
Then will you see me!

Not a boy or a girl, not any binary, rigid definition of a person. Just ME.
À lire dans GQ Magazine numéro 118, en kiosques. Everyday society tries to tell me that I don’t exist, because it believes in only two genders. Everyday, I very quietly give society the finger, by simply continuing to EXIST!