Don’t make your education useless; go get your PVC – Okey Bakassi urges


Okey Bakassi, a popular host, stand-up comedian and actor, has urged his fellow country men and women to acquire their PVCs so as to vote against bad governance during the general elections in 2023.

Taking to his Instagram page, the stand-up comedian highlighted the many types of illiterate northerners who have PVC, as opposed to numerous university graduates and master’s degree holders who claim that their votes are meaningless.


People should quit making excuses that their vote doesn’t count, said Okey Bakassi, since if they don’t count, politicians won’t be paying or bribing the illiterate to vote for them.

In his words;

“Almajiri has a PVC
Mai shayi has a PVC
Mai barrow has a PVC
Mai Debino has a PVC
Mai Gworo has a PVC

Onion and Tomato seller has a PVC
Shoe shinner has a PVC
Bus drivers/conductors has a PVC
motor park Agberos have has a PVC

You (a student or a graduate with BSC or MSC holder) with all your education and exposure still don’t have PVC. The worst thing is that you even try to justify why you don’t have one ‘My vote won’t count.

For the sake of those who paid your school fees and fed you through school, please don’t make your education /exposure useless with a statement like that. If votes don’t count, politicians won’t bribe/pay people to vote for them.
Go and get your PVC”