Early Life School Inter-House Sport

Interhouse Sport
Early Life Secondary School Festac

Inter-house Sport will always make you flashback to when you’re a child, full of energy and excitement especially when your parents are in the crowd watching, you just want to impress them differently and make them proud and probably show them that you’re not lazy after-all.

So Early Life school at Festac yesterday had their Inter-house sport and it was everything that made yesterday not only for the kids but also for the parents and the teachers that were in attendance, it was a memory making day for them all and you can bet a new topic for discussion will be created in the different schools that attended.

Interhouse SportSport which include race, tug-of-war, sack-race, football match, match pass with the kids in their inter-house sport uniform representing their different houses compete to make their house proud and some did while some made the crowd laugh and have fun, especially when it was time for the “Orobo Race”

It’s not just about the formal education at the end of the day, the extra curricular activities matters too, it’s usually one way to reset their minds and make them even function proper and mix with other student and interact. You’ll definitely believe school is fun with the inter-house sport of yesterday by Early Life school at FHA Field in Festac.

More photos from the Inter-house sport here

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