Effective ways to loose that fat


Wondering what to do with that extra flab of flesh or who that big boy/girl is staring at from the mirror look no further, here are some really effective tips to get the body you want, well unless you are very comfortable in your own skin.

They are healthy lifestyles, tested and true and not as crazy as most requirements. Enjoy.

Drink lots of waterTyra Banks weight loss2

Coffee helps flush toxins and excessive fat stored in unreachable places and it also keeps you alertTyra Banks weight loss3

Have some green tea. Not only is effective, it is also fancy.Tyra Banks weight loss7

Cut down on the sugar, for reals.Tyra Banks weight loss9

Cook wit coconut oil. It contains little fat and also helps the skin aglow.Tyra Banks weight loss8

And off course, exercise a little and lay off the soda. Tyra Banks weight loss5

Extra tip: Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper. Keeps you smiling.

Tyra Banks weight loss6