Ellen DeGeneres gives away $1 million to her audience


She’s supposed to be receiving gifts for her birthday, but Ellen DeGeneres flipped the script by presenting her audience with a massive gift.

The 61-year-old comedian recently gave away a whopping $1 million to her shocked audience.

The special episode featured an audience of do-gooders who had all done acts of selfless charity.

The daytime host was unusually serious as she opened the segment with a plug for her partner Cheerios, which had helped fund the giveaway.

‘I want to take a moment, first of all, to say everybody in the audience is here for a special reason,’ she began.

‘All season long, I partnered with Cheerios to encourage people to do one million acts of good, and if you’re here in my audience, you helped us reach that goal.

‘I want to celebrate this amazing accomplishment and the incredible people in my audience today,’ she continued. ‘You have something in common: this audience is filled with people who are making a difference in the world by sharing good.’

Ellen singled out a handful of audience members who had done memorable deeds to help those need.

‘Kenya and John Hughes, during Hurricane Harvey, John used their own money and drove 800 miles to deliver supplies.

‘And then there is Lori Gaines, who is in the audience,’ she continued. ‘She is a teacher, and she donated a kidney to the mother of a student just three weeks ago.

‘And lastly, there’s Dan McKernan. Dan quit his job to start a sanctuary for farm animals. He has raised $150,000 for the farm animals,’ she concluded.

‘Thanks to every single person in this audience. It is filled with goodness,’ she said.